Friday, October 11, 2013

 “Eliza, are you done yet? You’ve been in there forever!” her brother yelled as he banged the door.
                “Almost! Just gimme a second, will you!” she answer. What’s his hurry?
                Eliza worked into her skinny jeans and put on her undershirt. Over it, she had her new Aeropostale laced shirt and a purple scarf that accented her eyes.
She blow dried her hair grabbed the hair brush. Lightly fluffing, and adding in an anti-frizz product, she slowly brushed each section of her hair, carefully and methodically. Then she French braided it down the side until it looked just right. Well, almost right.
                She looked at the strand she had missed. Why do things like this always happen?  
                Eliza pulled it out and tried again. The second time had all the hair, but looked messy. I give up!
                She grabbed her make-up bag and began to apply foundation, and powder, and blush, and eye liner, and eye shadow. Lastly she penciled her eyebrows and added lip stick.
She stared blankly at the reflection. A small tear rolled down her cheek as she looked at the girl in the mirror. Why are other girls always prettier than me?
She trudged downstairs ate a bowl of Organic ‘Os and grabbed her backpack. She looked at the stormy skies as she waited for the bus. Great; rain. As if this day wasn’t bad enough!

                Twenty minutes before school, thought Bethany as she pulled her hair back. She stared at a pimple in the mirror. I think I’ll call you John. She grinned at her own sense of humor and opened the door to head into her bedroom.
                She slipped on her favorite pair of sweats from Walmart, and a shirt she found at GoodWill for a steal. She took one last look in the mirror before she rushed down stairs for breakfast. She grabbed an apple and a piece of toast before grabbing her bag. Today is going to be awesome, she thought as she headed out the door and into the brisk air.
                At the bus stop she glanced at the girl beside her.
“Hey! You ready for the test today?” Bethany asked.

                They two girl boarded the bus, both in separate worlds. Which world is yours?