Friday, October 11, 2013

 “Eliza, are you done yet? You’ve been in there forever!” her brother yelled as he banged the door.
                “Almost! Just gimme a second, will you!” she answer. What’s his hurry?
                Eliza worked into her skinny jeans and put on her undershirt. Over it, she had her new Aeropostale laced shirt and a purple scarf that accented her eyes.
She blow dried her hair grabbed the hair brush. Lightly fluffing, and adding in an anti-frizz product, she slowly brushed each section of her hair, carefully and methodically. Then she French braided it down the side until it looked just right. Well, almost right.
                She looked at the strand she had missed. Why do things like this always happen?  
                Eliza pulled it out and tried again. The second time had all the hair, but looked messy. I give up!
                She grabbed her make-up bag and began to apply foundation, and powder, and blush, and eye liner, and eye shadow. Lastly she penciled her eyebrows and added lip stick.
She stared blankly at the reflection. A small tear rolled down her cheek as she looked at the girl in the mirror. Why are other girls always prettier than me?
She trudged downstairs ate a bowl of Organic ‘Os and grabbed her backpack. She looked at the stormy skies as she waited for the bus. Great; rain. As if this day wasn’t bad enough!

                Twenty minutes before school, thought Bethany as she pulled her hair back. She stared at a pimple in the mirror. I think I’ll call you John. She grinned at her own sense of humor and opened the door to head into her bedroom.
                She slipped on her favorite pair of sweats from Walmart, and a shirt she found at GoodWill for a steal. She took one last look in the mirror before she rushed down stairs for breakfast. She grabbed an apple and a piece of toast before grabbing her bag. Today is going to be awesome, she thought as she headed out the door and into the brisk air.
                At the bus stop she glanced at the girl beside her.
“Hey! You ready for the test today?” Bethany asked.

                They two girl boarded the bus, both in separate worlds. Which world is yours?

Sunday, September 22, 2013

How You See Me

        I think everyone at one time or another has thought about what others think of them. Basically, if I were thinking "What do you think of me?" This question has been on my tongue for a long time, because I am a people pleaser. I take pleasure in making others like me--maybe not because it is making them happy--but it means one (more) person likes me. It really bugs me when someone doesn't like me. Here is where the problem occurs; it is very infrequent that people say to my face "I like you as a person" or "I like your personality". They are things people seldom say. I would honestly be a lot happier if people would tell me!
        I would like to mention, I don't try to please my bestie. I can actually be comfortable around her without wondering "Does she like me?". However, I have "close" friends that I really truly do not know whether they like me, or put up with me. One of them (we will call her Amy) is someone I really truly love being around. But I feel like when i am around her, I am loud and obnoxious. It is not because I am
 purposefully trying to irritating or the center of attention, it just. Amy messaged me on FaceBook not to  long ago. She said "I enjoy making you laugh. Just sayin'". I know it isn't much, but it really made me feel good because, honestly, I am really insecure. I think everyone is. 
        Amy is they kind of girl who looks like she has it all together, but maybe she is just really good at hiding it. It gets me thinking, "How do I look to others? Do I look like I have it all together?" I don't. I haven't got a clue! But you know, I think that is part of living. I don't think my insecurities will go away, but it is nice to think others are just as lost, and worried about self-image, as I am. 
        I think I will ask each of my friends (and acquaintances) to describe me in three words. I have this feeling, the answer is not going to be as bad as I think. People tend to see the good in others vs the bad. Maybe we should start viewing ourselves a little better, hm?

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Emotion Collapse

This is a poem I wrote while in a rehearsal for a play a while back. I decided to post it because, hey, why not?


Four lives separate, but in one.
None share a quality, but a human.
The sweet and simple and innocent eyes
The cruel and feared, the one that tells lies
The one that cries in loneliness and in despair.
The one that creates words out of thin air

Sometimes they collide in twos and threes,
But never do they meet all in one.
Sometimes one will crumble like fallen leaves,
Whilst others burn with pride like the sun.

And I fear if they were all to meet,
My world would dissolve in a fit of tears.
All my personas would scream in agony
And I would collapse in a pile of lonely emotions

Four lives separate—doomed someday to meet
All have the same fate, and will take an internal seat.
One that is doomed to observe far too much
One that shall be caught and burned to ash.
One will end in a cold frost of self-pity.
But one persona is left in greatness.
She soars above all showing her skills.
Playing with words like a harp.
“Earth” without “art” is simply “eh”
Hence the muse plays her part.

Holding me together
And comforting the dying emotions
She dances harder than a leaf in the breeze
And sings louder than the crashing ocean.
I thank my muse, my artistic touch
For without her I wouldn’t be much
My words would be bulky with no elegance or grace
There would be nothing to fill the empty space.
She is the drain that takes the sorrowful emotions.
I can be free: she is my health potion.

Art is what sets me free.

Thanks for reading! Leave a comment if you want more poetry, or if you are an artist (of any sort!)
That's all for now!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

INTRO to Define Beauty

                 I never liked my nose. It is big and pointy and almost always covered in pimples and red blotches. Truth is, I don’t like a lot about myself. My feet are fat, I have wide hips, my hair barely ever does what I tell it to, etc.

                This really bothers me. Why am I so ugly? My parents are good looking! My mom has beautiful eyes and her smile is super pretty; my dad has amazing ginger hair and striking facial features. Both my
siblings got the good looks! My brother has dusty blonde hair and an impish grin. He is tall and I have only met one girl who hasn't fallen head over heels with his looks. My little sister has long blonde wavy hair. She can pull of almost anything she tries on and she has the cutest little freckles in the summer. So what the heck happened to me? Well I’ll tell you what happened!

This is an intro to a series I am writing called Define Beauty. Comment if you want to see more!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Perfect Beauty

      That is my least favorite word: beauty. It drives me insane. I cannot stand it! Why? Because everyone has a different opinion, or so they say. Think of a stereotype beautiful teenage girl. Let me see if I describe what you see. She is thin, but not scrawny. She has luscious  perfect hair that never is out of place. Her clothing is always the newest and coolest and her eyes are a perfect hue that always match her clothing.
      Every morning I look at myself in the mirror and look at my stomach . It has its curves, and I hate that. They look lumpy and I can always be thinner, but it wouldn't matter because someone is always better. After showering, I get dressed and inspect what I am wearing. jeans and a shirt. Mostly a loose shirt, but it still never sits just right. Then I look at my hair. It sticks out in weird places and occasionally looks oddly greasy. I slip my glasses on and stare blankly at the pimpled-face nerd in the mirror. I hate her. She drives me insane. Why does she have to be so...... so what? Not perfect?
       Why can't I be that beautiful girl? That perfect girl? Reality check; this girl does not exist! I will never be her,  and no matter how hard I try, I fail because she does not exist.
      Here is what sometimes happens. People understand that Perfect Girl is not real, so they try and be as unperfect they can be. Purposefully try and not look like the Perfect Girl. We call these people hipsters. Then there are the ones that still try to fool themselves and pretend they are perfect. Lastly  there are those few people, that are beautiful  but they don't try. Why? They couldn't care less.
     They are beautiful in their own way. Here is my problem: what is my own way? Am I smart? Am I good at athletics? Can I act? Can I be an inspiration to others? Am I good at writing? How can I be beautiful if I can't find the beauty in me?!?!
     The other day, it hit me. I can't look at other people like Perfect Girl for beauty because that is their beauty, not mine. I need to look around me. We live in a world that somehow is here. It has these tiny things we call atoms that are made of tiny littler things called electrons and protons and neutrons. These tiny things make cells, and those make life. And it is magnificent. Seriously, look outside. How does life do it?
      So in conclusion, don't look to others for beauty. Look to life. See how she does it. Soon I will follow up on this so keep checking back for new posts! Comment on how you see beautiful. Please share with friends and subscribe so you can read the latest posts. Oh yeah, and keep being awesome ;)

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The One About Socks

     So my little sister is sitting in my room playing on Webkinz and I told her I was going to write on my blog. She looks at me and says, "Socks." So, here is a post about socks!
     For all of you who don't know what a sock is, according to Webster Dictionary, it is "a knitted or woven covering for the foot usually worn under shoes and extending above the ankle and sometimes to the knee." Now a little history about the sock.
     The earliest ones (that we know of) tied around the ankle. The Ancient Greeks wore socks made from animal hair unlike the Romans who had theirs made of leather. Around the 5th century, socks were known as puttees and were worn by holy people. By 1000 AD socks were a sign of wealth! Socks with designs were introduced in the 16th century. The next change in sock history was the introduction of nylon in 1938. Since then, not much has changed socks wise. 
     That's enough history for now. On to design! You have your average sock with is like a tight bag for your foot. You have probably heard of toe socks where there is a little sleeve for each toe, but have you heard of the flip-flop sock? It is a sock that has to sleeves: one for the big toe, and another for the rest! Weird huh?
     So there you have it! The most sock-iest post I will ever write! If you liked this post, please share it with friends! Also, please comment and I will approve it as soon as I can. If you would like to suggest a topic, comment. 
     Until next time,

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Holey Guacamole!!!

     Holey Guacamole!!!
    Why is it people think it is cool to swear? I was at my Tae-Kwon-Doe practice (i'm a Black Belt!) and one boy, about thirteen years, old was talking about how he swore at school and then covered it up by saying he said "fudge." He then continued like he was the coolest person ever.
     I do not swear. I simply don't. I find it vulgar and kind of lazy. Here is my reasoning for it being lazy: I think, that when people swear it is because they can't find another word to say or they think they sound cool. I am, however, fine with other words such as "shoot" or "mushrooms" or "pooey". None of these sound like swearing or are offensive.
    People say that swear words don't mean anything; they are just words. But isn't everything we say just words? If you say you are hurt or angered, is that just you saying words? We (homo sapiens) have the most complex language of all the organisms in the animal kingdom. If we take our language and say it is just words, it is like saying the sky is just blue. It doesn't make sense. 
     Now, what I have just said is kind of controversy to my second paragraph where I said saying other words in place of swear words is OK, but if the word is not a language excepted as a swear word, it is not offensive (from my point of view). Every one gets frustrated; it is a fact of life. Saying words often relieve this frustration.
     I challenge you to stop swearing and find a different word to say when you are frustrated, and if you use them as filler words, work on you vocabulary, please. Try finding a series of words that roll on your tongue like "peanut brittle" or "poo on toast". 
     So, in conclusion for today, stop swearing!!! Remember to comment and share on Facebook or Tweet about it! The more readers, the more I'll post! That's all for now :)

Monday, February 11, 2013

How to Relax: Mindfulness

Hey all!!! Scarlette here ;)
     You get stressed. I don't care what gender you are, where you live, whether you have ten toes or not, you have been stressed! It happens. You get behind on school or work, or maybe you need to be somewhere right then and there. Today in my psychology class we practiced a technique called "Mindfulness". I found after this exercise I was extremely relaxed, and I could focus better. Once I got home, I did some research (,, and found there are many types of mindfulness.

By definition, stress is the physical pressure, pull,
or other 
force exerted on one thing by another.

     By definition, mindfulness means "to be in touch with and aware of the present moment." Some of these are meditating, deep breathing, and concentrating on your inner thoughts and your surroundings. This last one I found the most relaxing. Here is what I suggest doing if you are stressed: 

    Take five minutes aside from what you are doing. Sit with your feet flat on the ground and your hands on your lap. Do not move! Now, for about a minute try to observe as much as you can using only your sight. Observe every detail; a fleck of dust, a dot on the ceiling, your baby brother gumming his hand. Just focus. After a minute-ish, close your eyes and use only hearing; perhaps a bird, the air-con, a train crashing into a mountain, etc. After anther minute-ish, stop listening and think about what you feel; the roughness of you jeans, how tight your shoes are, the soft fuzziness of your purple and orange socks (you get he idea). Now you only have one more. Still with your eyes closed, think about your actual inner self. Not like you emotions and stuff, but like the blood in your veins, the tight not in your shoulders, or the food in your intestines. After a minute, you are done! You should feel relaxed.
    I hope I could be a help to you stressful life!! Please share this on Facebook or Google+ or Tweet about it! Tell all your friends (or enemies if you wish!). Leave a comment if you have any questions or if you have a suggestion for a future post! And please subscribe so you know when I've posted! Bye y'all!

Sunday, February 10, 2013


Hello Readers!!!
     The first thing I want to say is that this isn't a formal blog. I will use emoticons 'cause I love them! However, I will not use u instead of you or 2 instead of two or to or too. I just find that frustrating! So, anyway ;) 
     My name, as far as you know, is Scarlette Smiths. I live in the USA and I am a sophomore in high school. 
     This blog is about anything and everything teen related going from why we feel obligated to be cool or funny to a weird meme I saw. I am not sure how often I will post but I hope it will be at least four times a week. This is an interactive blog, and I need comments! You may ask anything in the comments, in fact, please do! Normally posts will be longer, but today I was just introducing myself!
     'Till next time!