Sunday, September 22, 2013

How You See Me

        I think everyone at one time or another has thought about what others think of them. Basically, if I were thinking "What do you think of me?" This question has been on my tongue for a long time, because I am a people pleaser. I take pleasure in making others like me--maybe not because it is making them happy--but it means one (more) person likes me. It really bugs me when someone doesn't like me. Here is where the problem occurs; it is very infrequent that people say to my face "I like you as a person" or "I like your personality". They are things people seldom say. I would honestly be a lot happier if people would tell me!
        I would like to mention, I don't try to please my bestie. I can actually be comfortable around her without wondering "Does she like me?". However, I have "close" friends that I really truly do not know whether they like me, or put up with me. One of them (we will call her Amy) is someone I really truly love being around. But I feel like when i am around her, I am loud and obnoxious. It is not because I am
 purposefully trying to irritating or the center of attention, it just. Amy messaged me on FaceBook not to  long ago. She said "I enjoy making you laugh. Just sayin'". I know it isn't much, but it really made me feel good because, honestly, I am really insecure. I think everyone is. 
        Amy is they kind of girl who looks like she has it all together, but maybe she is just really good at hiding it. It gets me thinking, "How do I look to others? Do I look like I have it all together?" I don't. I haven't got a clue! But you know, I think that is part of living. I don't think my insecurities will go away, but it is nice to think others are just as lost, and worried about self-image, as I am. 
        I think I will ask each of my friends (and acquaintances) to describe me in three words. I have this feeling, the answer is not going to be as bad as I think. People tend to see the good in others vs the bad. Maybe we should start viewing ourselves a little better, hm?

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  1. One of the things I appreciate most about God's love is that he really does know who I am, and he love mes, and likes me. And he will never be disillusioned with me, because he never had any illusions about me to begin with. God loves you this way too, Scarlette. And he knows who you are.