Saturday, June 8, 2013

INTRO to Define Beauty

                 I never liked my nose. It is big and pointy and almost always covered in pimples and red blotches. Truth is, I don’t like a lot about myself. My feet are fat, I have wide hips, my hair barely ever does what I tell it to, etc.

                This really bothers me. Why am I so ugly? My parents are good looking! My mom has beautiful eyes and her smile is super pretty; my dad has amazing ginger hair and striking facial features. Both my
siblings got the good looks! My brother has dusty blonde hair and an impish grin. He is tall and I have only met one girl who hasn't fallen head over heels with his looks. My little sister has long blonde wavy hair. She can pull of almost anything she tries on and she has the cutest little freckles in the summer. So what the heck happened to me? Well I’ll tell you what happened!

This is an intro to a series I am writing called Define Beauty. Comment if you want to see more!

1 comment:

  1. My nose points to one side, I am reliably informed that I have no lips, my skin is pale and spotty, and I have a nobble in the middle of my forehead. However, my wife loves me and tells me I'm good looking. I trust her, even though what she sees is not immediately obvious to me. So, I believe I am good looking despite what I see. I suggest you listen to those who love you. I'm sure they would tell you that you are an extraordinary and beautiful young woman who should set out to BE the standard for beauty by being who you are rather than by measuring up to a arbitrary set of unclear rules.