Thursday, March 14, 2013

Perfect Beauty

      That is my least favorite word: beauty. It drives me insane. I cannot stand it! Why? Because everyone has a different opinion, or so they say. Think of a stereotype beautiful teenage girl. Let me see if I describe what you see. She is thin, but not scrawny. She has luscious  perfect hair that never is out of place. Her clothing is always the newest and coolest and her eyes are a perfect hue that always match her clothing.
      Every morning I look at myself in the mirror and look at my stomach . It has its curves, and I hate that. They look lumpy and I can always be thinner, but it wouldn't matter because someone is always better. After showering, I get dressed and inspect what I am wearing. jeans and a shirt. Mostly a loose shirt, but it still never sits just right. Then I look at my hair. It sticks out in weird places and occasionally looks oddly greasy. I slip my glasses on and stare blankly at the pimpled-face nerd in the mirror. I hate her. She drives me insane. Why does she have to be so...... so what? Not perfect?
       Why can't I be that beautiful girl? That perfect girl? Reality check; this girl does not exist! I will never be her,  and no matter how hard I try, I fail because she does not exist.
      Here is what sometimes happens. People understand that Perfect Girl is not real, so they try and be as unperfect they can be. Purposefully try and not look like the Perfect Girl. We call these people hipsters. Then there are the ones that still try to fool themselves and pretend they are perfect. Lastly  there are those few people, that are beautiful  but they don't try. Why? They couldn't care less.
     They are beautiful in their own way. Here is my problem: what is my own way? Am I smart? Am I good at athletics? Can I act? Can I be an inspiration to others? Am I good at writing? How can I be beautiful if I can't find the beauty in me?!?!
     The other day, it hit me. I can't look at other people like Perfect Girl for beauty because that is their beauty, not mine. I need to look around me. We live in a world that somehow is here. It has these tiny things we call atoms that are made of tiny littler things called electrons and protons and neutrons. These tiny things make cells, and those make life. And it is magnificent. Seriously, look outside. How does life do it?
      So in conclusion, don't look to others for beauty. Look to life. See how she does it. Soon I will follow up on this so keep checking back for new posts! Comment on how you see beautiful. Please share with friends and subscribe so you can read the latest posts. Oh yeah, and keep being awesome ;)

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  1. I understand. I have bulges where I'd like there to be a honed six pack. Right now, at work, there's this one lady I keep offending (I should probably go and talk to her and see if I can improve the situation). In fact, at work in general, right now, I feel like I'm always coming off as arrogant, demanding, moody, and unhelpful. So, I have an imperfect body and an imperfect nature, both of which need work.

    However, I know my wife and kids love me. I know my mum loves me. And, most importantly, I know God loves me. What’s more, he loved me before he even made me; he knew he wanted me before he even made anything (Eph. 1:4). And even if I were the only person in the whole world who ever responded to his love and forgiveness, Jesus would still have died on the cross (John 3:16). Just for me.

    And he loves you just the same way. He loves you for who you are, even if you haven’t figured out who that is yet. He knows you in a way you never will. And he loves you deeply, powerfully, and completely.