Monday, February 11, 2013

How to Relax: Mindfulness

Hey all!!! Scarlette here ;)
     You get stressed. I don't care what gender you are, where you live, whether you have ten toes or not, you have been stressed! It happens. You get behind on school or work, or maybe you need to be somewhere right then and there. Today in my psychology class we practiced a technique called "Mindfulness". I found after this exercise I was extremely relaxed, and I could focus better. Once I got home, I did some research (,, and found there are many types of mindfulness.

By definition, stress is the physical pressure, pull,
or other 
force exerted on one thing by another.

     By definition, mindfulness means "to be in touch with and aware of the present moment." Some of these are meditating, deep breathing, and concentrating on your inner thoughts and your surroundings. This last one I found the most relaxing. Here is what I suggest doing if you are stressed: 

    Take five minutes aside from what you are doing. Sit with your feet flat on the ground and your hands on your lap. Do not move! Now, for about a minute try to observe as much as you can using only your sight. Observe every detail; a fleck of dust, a dot on the ceiling, your baby brother gumming his hand. Just focus. After a minute-ish, close your eyes and use only hearing; perhaps a bird, the air-con, a train crashing into a mountain, etc. After anther minute-ish, stop listening and think about what you feel; the roughness of you jeans, how tight your shoes are, the soft fuzziness of your purple and orange socks (you get he idea). Now you only have one more. Still with your eyes closed, think about your actual inner self. Not like you emotions and stuff, but like the blood in your veins, the tight not in your shoulders, or the food in your intestines. After a minute, you are done! You should feel relaxed.
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  1. I was good up to the train crashing into the mountain. ;)

    Actually, it reminded me of a time I was praying for something and God said (with that inner voice) to just listen. So I did. I was by a pond and could hear the flies.

    "Okay, Lord." I said, "Now what."

    He repeated that I should just listen.

    I could hear the wind in the trees and birds singing. "Okay, Lord." I said, "Now what."
    Just listen.

    I listened as hard as I could, and just about heard cars driving on a road a mile or so away. "That's about all I can hear, Lord," I said.

    I can hear everything, he said, and I know he meant everything (people humming along to the radio in those cars, birds singing on the other side of the earth, the planets turning–-all of it). Relax, I've got you covered.

    1. Sounds like you've got this relaxing thing down :P